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210cc68I manage a consulting practice that has, in the past, assisted technology and financial services companies in the areas of marketing, business turnaround, product development, operations, and strategic planning for many years.

Financial services and technology clients have included two organizations developing a third-party credit application exchange platform that matches any applicant to an appropriate mortgage, home equity, auto, or card lender, three electronic payments providers, and a stored value card issuer.

Clients included numerous small businesses and start-ups, as well as Fortune 500 companies, like Wells Fargo, GE, Advanta, and AT&T. International clients have included Minsheng Bank in China, Banco Popular and Daewoo.

So, this is the important part:

My areas of focus vis-à-vis Crescent Group are now content, social media, marketing and strategic planning, executive coaching, and my current business clients are almost all small businesses — 1 to 100 employees — involved in a wide spectrum of market segments. These are small technology firms, retail establishments, auto industry-related service providers, business services firms, restaurants, etc.

That’s all I want to do for this side gig, and those are the companies I want to do those things for, as it gives me a chance to do some creative thinking, and to do that on behalf of clients that really need my services.

My small business clients get the benefit of my experience at start-ups, and the benefit of extensive experience with small firms with small budgets. And since this is extra-curricular activity to me, it’s not about the money, and my fees are quite a bit lower than that what is usually charged for the same high-quality work.

Regarding career/executive coaching, my individual clients come from a wide range of industries, and also from a varied spectrum of companies – huge corporations, mid-size companies, small firms, and even owners of home-based businesses.

I do whatever I can for my clients in terms of helping them grow their business, whether that’s developing a business case, traditional marketing, Internet marketing, social media, strategic planning, executive/career coaching, turnarounds, etc., and that gives me a great deal of professional and personal satisfaction.


Brendan Moore

You can call us at 202-550-8119, or, email us at info@crescentgroup.net