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Best Of 2015 Award From Thumbtack

We’re happy to acknowledge our “Best of 2015” award from Thumbtack in the category of “Holistic Life Coaches” for the Greater DC Metro Area (that’s approximately 9.3 million people). You can take a look by going to this page on their site.

Now, if you’ve been to the Career Coaching section of this site, you might be saying this to yourself right about now: “Hey, wait a minute, I read on the site that you guys don’t do life coaching, you only do career coaching. In fact, you’re quite emphatic that you don’t do life coaching. So, what gives?”

Thumbtack logoWell, what gives is that Thumbtack, until August of 2015, used to have “Career Coaching” as a subset of “Life Coaching”. As of August (last month), they gave “Career Coaching” its own category. But, before last month, all the clients I acquired through Thumbtack came in under the “Life Coaching” label, so that’s what Crescent Group Consulting got the award for.

Next year, if we repeat our performance, we will be getting an award for “Career Coaching”, not “Life Coaching”, because, as stated elsewhere on this site, we don’t do “Life Coaching”. Never have. All of those great reviews from clients on Thumbtack in the “Life Coaching” category are actually for the “Career Coaching” work I did with them.

So, apologies if there is any confusion about the labeling, but that aside, we’re happy our clients are so happy, and we aim to keep up the good work.