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We do a high volume of this for our small business clients, generally in theseĀ four categories:

  • Which way should your business go? And when?
    Which way should your business go? And when?

    Business Plans – For start-ups, and existing companies that want to go into a new business line or expand into a new geographic area.

  • Strategic Plans – For existing businesses that need a plan to get to their short-term and long-term goals.
  • IT Strategic Plans – For start-ups, existing businesses, and large companies who need to have a IT Strategic Plan that links directly to their overall business plan.
  • Strategic Marketing Plans – Most small businesses fail because they’re not very good at getting customers/clients, not because the owner doesn’t know his or her business, or, because no one wants their product or service. Getting new customers is always important to every business every year, but it is absolutely critical to new businesses in the first few years after start-up. Many small business owners delay in getting help in this area until they reach a point of desperation, and by that time, the business has exhausted whatever capital they started with, and it becomes a very challenging scenario. We can help prevent this sort of situation.

As stated above, we do a great deal of planning work on behalf of our business clients; it’s what we do most of here. We’re not expensive, and our clients feel they get great value for the money spent.

If these services interest you, give us a call at 202-550-8119, or email us at info@crescentgroup.net, and we’ll set up an initial phone right away. That first call is free, and then we can determine together if our services are a fit for your business needs.