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BEM May 2016 painting background 712x910-cropUnfortunately, much of the past work we’ve done was in the early days of the internet, as well as being the proprietary material of the employers or clients we did that work for. And, of course, as is typical these days, many of our clients have been acquired or closed up shop since we worked for them, and their websites went with them into the ether. But, we do have some examples of marketing and digital marketing, some links to websites we designed, and a great many examples of content available.

Additionally, there is a substantial LinkedIn profile available on Brendan Moore, and while it doesn’t have any more examples of my work than the amount here, it does have a great many recommendations from previous peers, managers and clients. So, you can at least see that we know what I’m doing, have been doing very good work for a long time, and people are happy with the results after everything’s said and done. If you go to the top of the page and click on the LinkedIn icon, you’ll go to Brendan Moore’s professional profile on the site post haste. He’s been on the site since 2002, so plenty of time to rack up recommendations.

This website is in its intermediate stages, and we’ll add to the portfolio examples here as we go along. You can look at the drop-down categories for what we have so far, with the knowledge that there will be more shown in the near future.

In the interim, here are some of the things we’ve done in the past:

Business Cases

Entry of AT&T into the global electronic payments business – co-author

Relocation of AT&T Automotive business unit from NJ to MD – co-author

Acquisition of major competitor for AT&T Automotive

Entry of Advanta into vehicle leasing

Entry of GE into direct consumer vehicle leasing market

Adoption of automated credit decisioning platform for Wachovia (now Wells Fargo)

Investment in, and then acquisition of,  internet aggregator by Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) – co-author

Provision of private-label consumer credit decisioning to major lenders for internet aggregator site

Production and leasing of “reverse ATM” by startup hardware company

Startup of data sales company

Startup of nightclub

Startup of business services firm

Startup of organic pet food retail store

Expansion of services offering by an existing business services firm

Strategic Planning

Brendan Moore has over 25 years of strategic planning experience, encompassing a wide range of B-C and B-B companies. Don Patti, another principal of Crescent Group Consulting, has over 20 years of strategic planning, with a heavy emphasis on IT strategy.


Managed sales, marketing, media relations and strategic planning at large consumer and commercial direct vehicle lessor – marketing was primarily millions of direct mail pieces, print ads and inbound/outbound call center

Managed sales, marketing and strategic planning at large consumer and commercial direct and indirect lender/lessor – marketing was direct mail, field sales, inbound/outbound call center, sports sponsorship, radio spots and internet

Managed sales, marketing, media relations and strategic planning for several clients as an interim executive – television, radio, internet, print, direct mail, inbound/outbound call centers, outdoor media

Managed initial customer and client acquisition for various startups

Managed sales and marketing for business unit of the largest bank in the world – field sales, internet, email marketing, print, direct mail and inbound/outbound call centers

Managed sales, marketing, media relations and strategic planning for various clients – field sales, direct mail, radio, outdoor media, inbound/outbound call centers

Copy – Content – MediaGet the word out logo

During my career, Brendan Moore has written speeches, written ad copy, written direct mail pieces, written scripts for television and radio commercials, written white papers, business cases, developed PowerPoint presentation decks, internal/external communications, press releases, online promotional text for websites, emails, etc. He also has experience writing as a journalist. Additionally, he has edited all of same.

In terms of media experience, he has been interviewed on Marketplace on Public Radio approximately eight times, he has been on Wisconsin Public Radio as a debater on a social policy subject, he’s been interviewed on Maryland Public Radio, and he’s appeared on BBC America as well. Mr. Moore has also given numerous speeches and presentations at corporate events.

Website Development

Wedon’t write code;  we’re not developers, although we employ developers quite frequently on website builds. But, we do have skills in Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, and other website platforms. We have basic HTML, SEO and Google Analytics proficiency, as far as website development and content goes, and experience with different social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pininterest, etc. – all of which we gained while doing extensive work developing and writing for different clients/employers. We also have a considerable amount of experience setting up and maintaining business profiles (company pages) with business aggregator and review sites like Yelp, Thumbtack, Yahoo, Bing for Business, Online Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, etc.